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“Recipe built from scratch”

Finlay Medical Centers contracted Skala Connections to launch two new medical centers in Miami. The content in place was sparse, so the team worked carefully and diligently with Finlay’s owners to establish brand messaging that would appeal to potential patients in the 65+ age population, as well as caretakers in the 25-54 audience. 

Media research and analytics were utilized to develop an efficient and cost-effective media buy designed to compete with well-established competitors that were spending millions of dollars during the open enrollment period. Using long-standing relationships in the media, Skala negotiated and purchased TV and Radio ads, along with billboards and bus benches in the surrounding zip codes.

Skala organized a ribbon cutting and launch party for the first location with 75 VIP guests. The event, which included catered food, a full bar and live entertainment, was attended by prominent local figures and politicians. Several of these on-site events were organized and Skala’s PR team made sure they drew news coverage from multiple local outlets, affording screen time to owners, doctors and patient testimonials at no charge.

I have known and worked with Stephanie from Skala for many years at Univision before I decided to venture out and launch my own Medical Center project. Stephanie was great with the whole process from the ribbon cutting ceremony planning, to developing our marketing plan and strategy.  Skala researched the market and the competition, planned and produced a series of  TV & Radio commercials and OOH Billboards to introduce Finlay and our services to the South Florida Market. You name it,  she helped by giving us her insight and advice on every project we tackled. Her strong relationships with the media companies helped us to be featured on several newscasts and coverage of our events at no charge.  I highly recommend Stephanie and the Skala team to anyone looking for an Ad agency that really listens, plans and then professionally executes all your advertising needs.

Mr. Dennis Sanchez 
Finlay Medical Centers