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Skala Connections is an innovative launchpad for the ideas you’ve always dreamt of realizing with a human-centered philosophy built to thrive in the virtual age and offer unparalleled global brand solutions.

We go a step ahead, a step above, a step beyond to tell your story.

Why Work With Skala

We’re a diverse team of chameleon strategists, project pilots and creative storytellers. We connect the dots, find elusive solutions to brand problems, seize opportunities the second they arise and move the needle every chance we get. Fueled on talent and unconventional ideas, we’re a digital marketing and communications agency that propels your potential with forward-thinking work that transforms the ordinary into the outstanding.

We listen

At Skala Connections, we don’t believe in one right approach – we believe in the right approach for you. Discovering is rooted in our DNA. Our team is dedicated to asking the right questions, immersing ourselves in our client’s fundamental essence and their audience’s needs. We believe the first step in doing our job is to listen. We uncover your concerns, your vision, and what makes you unique. Then we custom-build the right team to mastermind your campaigns, push bold new boundaries and tell an impactful story.

To you

And while we may be the storytellers, we respect that it’s your story. We strive to establish trust with our clients, to work as partners in creating compellingly branded content to engage your customers. We know that every client we partner with is different, so every team we assemble is purposefully built for their needs. Ours isn’t a cookie cutter agency – we focus tailoring our strategies to your goals and that’s how we get results.

We create

We take a hands-on approach to collaboratively apply our ever-expanding combination of knowledge and curiosity and decades of experience to all the services we provide. Skala Connections’ multicultural & multilingual professionals have expertise in marketing, advertising, content creation, branding, sales, graphic design, production and more. We don’t claim to know it all or have all the answers, we know our greatest strength in finding winning strategies: the client.

Welcome to Skala Connections, we look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Meet the team

Skala Connections is a multicolored quilt of perspectives and personalities, made up of nimble professionals, diligent designers, masters of the marketplace and storied producers. From digital evangelists, imagination prodigies and social media buzz bees to wordsmith gurus and media magicians, we encourage our team to develop their creative superpowers ongoingly, fostering their burning desire to create meaningful work.

We pride ourselves on knowing when to stay in our lanes and when to lean on each other. Handpicked based on your needs, we come together from all fields, including media production, graphic design, social media, B2B and B2C, marketing and SEO, web design and coding, brand development and so much more, to create & implement culturally relevant campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

Stephanie’s work ethos is defined by her devotion – to her teammates, to her clients and to the professional relationships she has fostered over the years...

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Stephanie Kontzamanys


Emilce is an award-winning bilingual Media Executive with a proven track record of success in content development across platforms and genres...

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Emilce Elgarresta

President of Production

Fernando’s skillsets include graphic design, web design, coding, photography, videography, digital marketing. No matter which of these skills he may be bringing to a project...

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Fernando Messina

Creative Director

Our capabilities

We put ourselves into all we do with creativity, soul, and love. It’s a Greek concept known as Meraki, and we pack a rather large dollop of it.
At Skala Connections, we won’t make promises we can’t keep and we always aim to overdeliver. We aren’t here to sell you a standardized, pre-packaged plan – we’re here to make sure you get the services you need from the team you deserve to achieve the results you’re looking for, and we do it with gusto.


Skala Connections can guide you through the labyrinth of ad buys.
Cost-effective visibility to reach your target audience and stay on budget.
Gain the competitive advantage with surgically placed market penetration.


Our goal is to understand your company’s essence and create the narrative it deserves. Hands-on throughout the process, from research to ideation to execution. Resonant images and copy transform promos into lasting ideas that stand the test of time.


Determine the best partners and devise strategies for connecting.
Relationships we’ve built translate into relationships you can grow.
Skala helps you make the moves that generate increased sales and ROI.

Creative Content

We take your mission and work with you to craft the message.
Metrics and analytics help us produce the content your audience wants.


Highly experienced, talented designers create pristine professional graphics.
Work with industry experts to establish an aesthetic that will help you stand out.


We’ll get the right people talking, posting and tweeting about you and your products.
Create a “buzz” that translates into customer loyalty and new sales.


Get a team built around you and your company.
Develop a collaborative campaign tailored to your needs.
Strengthen your connection with existing clients and tap into new ones.


Over 30 years of experience in Radio & TV, including planning and placement.
Relationships across a wide range of regions and markets.
Proven expertise and innovative solutions to put you on the map.


Work with award-winning film makers and producers.
Create captivating commercials, content and company profiles.
Craft digital experiences across all mainstream platforms.

Social Media

Amplify your company’s digital footprint across platforms.
We combine earned media and boosted content to spread your message.
Smart, scheduled posts designed specifically for your target audience.

We're blushing

Connect with community

Still blushing

Gabriella Alcantara Diaz
"her understanding of multicultural media viewership make her a valuable partner"
Founder and President of Semilla AD
Julio Morel
"a consummate professional with vast knowledge of the media industry"
Sales Manager - Amazon Ads
Jany Borges
"she understands the clients' needs and hustles to find best fit solutions"
Sr. Director, Media Strategy- NBC Universal
Xavier Mantilla
"a clear thinker that develops projects based on client requirements"
Innovation & Digital Media Consultant- GlueIQ
Jhon Lippman
"able to build imaginative client partnerships"
Acting Director for Programming- Voice of America
Michael Raskin
"she's the first one in and last one out and always leads her team by example"
Agency Partnerships Florida- Q1Media
Bob Gruters
"I remain very impressed by her capabilities and can-do attitude”
Chief Revenue Officer - MetaVRse
Laurel Welch
"works very hard for a win-win resolution to any situation"
EVP at JL Media
Mariana Ferro
"above all, the results she could generate for her clients with her creative solutions and approach"
VP of Univision
Roxana Fernandez
"the point person that many of us go to with challenges"
President of Imagen
Mario Murgado
"she is a force of nature… a professional that demonstrates generosity and authenticity"
CEO of Brickell Motors
Anna Figueroa
"the ability to create lasting relationships with her clients that result in successful market growth"
President of Vantage Communications
Marcy Rusillo
"a top-notch professional who has a sharp understanding of her client’s needs"
President of Rusillo Media Services
Howard Miller
"creative and critical thinking capabilities; helping to grow sales opportunities for any client"
President of Howard R Miller Communications
James Buff Parham
"she is widely respected by her peers, subordinates and customers in the Miami media market"
President of Parham and Associates
Paul Shapiro
"extremely focused on performance and her results speak for themselves"
Founder of VIE
Grisel Sangroniz
"a knack for thinking outside the box and turning ideas into resultsa knack for thinking outside the box and turning ideas into results"
Sales Manager at Telemundo WSCV
Cynthia Chipi
"solutions that are not only in strategy, but also in budget"
Marketing Director at Goya Foods
Jacqueline Lalonde
"I call her the Rainmaker, she gets things done"
Sr. Vice President of Investments for Raymond James
Leonor Elgarresta
"strong work ethic, passion, determination and a winning personality"
Controller at WPLG

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